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About our Activities

In the fast changing world of International Trade, it is important to adapt to the best practices in every aspect of the business. Every activity of ours is constantly developed with this mind.

Establish Supply Chains

We make sure that supply chain remains the most suitable in terms of price, delivery terms and payment methods to satisfy the customer requirements.

Quality Control & Inspections

We conduct third party audits, product quality inspections and loading checks to ensure that the manufactured goods are exactly as per what is required.

Prompt Communications

We keep our customers updated with the latest product offers, advise them on the market movements and respond promptly to the various queries.

About Our Directors

Gajanana Shenoy, Singapore

Mr.Shenoy is a Post Graduate in International Business with over two decades of experience in various aspects of the International Supply Chain. He has worked for manufacturing and trading companies across South Asia, South East Asia and Europe. He ensures that Sai Apex is in tune with the best practices of the industry, and has brought many innovative solutions to provide customers with competitive, prompt and effective solutions. 

Narayana Murthy, London

Mr.Murthy is a management professional with decades of experience in the area of International Trade. From the beginning of his career he has been associated with setting up and managing of diverse business organisations. He has lived and worked in South Asia, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. He has travelled across the globe and has developed strong business connections in all continents. His rich experience and guidance has been instrumental in providing a solid base for Sai Apex Enterprises.

About Singapore

Global Trading Hub

Singapore’s geographical location is also important from the perspective of commodity trading. It straddles the sea route responsible for the enormous amount of trade between the East and West.

International Financial Centre

Singapore is a leading global financial hub with a AAA credit rating from all three major credit agencies. It is Asia Pacific’s largest foreign exchange centre and offers one of the best US Dollar liquidity in the region.

Ease of Doing Business

Singapore is regularly ranked at the top in the Ease of Doing Business indicator. It is well known for its political stability and neutrality. Its ability to retain its credit rating even in times of sluggish global economy is highly appreciated.

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

We regularly participate and visit numerous trade fairs and exhibtions around the world.